The Perfect Gifts for Tea Lover Bae

Black Tea Cup

We’ve got the perfect gifts for your favorite tea lover. Because it’s not enough to simply be a tea drinker in this day and age, we must be tea connoisseurs, darling. And loose leaf tea is the most chic and sustainable way to drink it.

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1. Rose Gold Tea Pot w| Infuser

Looking to add some style to your loose leaf tea experience? This durable glass/metal teapot and infuser helps you do just that. Peek through the glass to make sure your brew is dark enough for your taste and rinse out the infuser when you’re done (or ready to make more). This makes the perfect gift for your favorite tea lover (or yoself).

Tea Pot

2. Tilting Tea Cups

This tilting tea cup with custom loose leaf tea is the ultimate gift for the most discerning of tea connoisseurs. The unique design allows you to brew your tea directly in the cup thanks to the strainer section on the side. Tip this chic tea cup one way to brew your tea and tip it the other way to strain the tea leaves. Zero waste.

white cups


Each set includes one tilting tea cup and a custom Socie(tea) blend customized for you or your loved one. Socie(tea) is our in-house medicinal tea brand designed to promote health, wellness and sustainability. Free tea with purchase.

black cups3. Rose Gold Infuser

Tea can be very heart warming – especially if it’s brewed with a heart-shaped infuser! This lovely rose gold number does double-duty as a stir stick. Bring some glamour to your zero waste tea experience.

tea infuser

tea infuser

4. Flowering Green Tea

Flowering tea or “blooming tea”, is made by wrapping tea leaves around dry flowers. When the resulting dry bundle is steeped, it unfurls to create a beautiful flower while infusing the water with delicate but flavorful tea.

flowering tea

tea pot


5. Coconut Sugar

Perfect for tea, cakes, cookies, cupcakes, and more. Packaged in a recyclable/reusable glass jar. So you can buy your next stash of coconut sugar in bulk and keep it in this beautiful jar.



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