How To: Pack For Your Winter Vacay Like A Boss


Traveling is my life. I’m an addict. Everything that I do (like work and stuff..) is simply to facilitate more moves. As a born wanderlust, I’ve always been on the go. Over time (and after many mishaps) I’ve learned the ins and outs of packing like a boss. I thought I’d share of few tips as I gear up for my next adventure to Dubai.

1. Don’t be a bag lady.

Erykah said it best, don’t nobody got time for a bunch of bags (or something along those lines..) Ain’t nothing worse than trying to carry more than you can/need. Can I get an Amen? The secret to packing light, smart and sustainable rests in the perfect carryon. Away Luggage

I found my perfect travel mate and I couldn’t be more in love. The brainchild of two Warby Parker alums (both women might I add..) Away is on a mission to reimagine the travel experience. And, the first stop on that journey was designing the perfect suitcase.

Developed from hundreds of travel stories and designed for the way people actually travel, Away doesn’t make “smart” luggage, they make thoughtful luggage—featuring unbreakable shells, interior compartments, and built-in USB chargers—using the best materials in the world. The result is luggage that is beautiful, functional and minimal. It’s luggage that helps you find your way by staying out of it.

away-snow-section-2-1024x558So what makes this suitcase so dope? Well for one, I’m in love with the minimal design. I chose the stark matte “snow” white limited edition color inspired by winter in the city. Lucky for me the matte textured surface deflects scruffs and scrapes along the way. Most stains can be cleaned with some simple warm water and soap.

I also love that the bag has a TSA approved lock built-in to prevent anyone from getting in your bag except for you. It’s a great way to lock up your valuables without using the hotel safe. The bag also features two compartments inside to help you stay organized while you pack. The bigger carry-on is perfect for those who like me, insist on packing a few extra outfits.


My favorite part is that the suitcase has a USB charger built in! That means no more fighting for the lone outlet at the airport or running out of juice on your cell right before you have to call an uber. You can charge up while you’re on the go.My suitcase

2. Stock up on your sustainables.

It’s always a smart idea to pack your reusables to help you go green while you’re out and about. A few things I never leave home without (and lucky for you, they’re all available in the shop :) #shamelessplug

A reusable water bottle.

White BKR

Most airports have water fountains where you can fill up before you hop on the plane. Opting out of buying water while traveling not only saves the environment but also saves you $$.

A reusable coffee cup.

Coffee Cup

I’m a coffee addict. I like coffee more than I like most people TBH. I love these sustainable brew Keep Cups because they allow you to drink your locally brewed fair trade coffee in style.

A reusable straw + sleeve.

Copper StrawAmericans alone use 500 million straws every single day. That’s enough straws to fill up 125 yellow school buses from top to bottom every single day!! Can you imagine the impact this has on the places where you travel? It’s for this reason that I never leave home without my own reusable straw. Not only does it lessen my impact on the environment, but it’s a great conversation piece.

3. Travel in comfy clothes

I always wear Amsterdamage when I travel. Not just because it’s my brand *shameless plug* but because it is so unbelievably comfortable. Dubai is a long journey so it was super important to me to feel warm and comfortable on the trip. I’ve been living in this sweatshirt made out of recycled plastic bottles. I also wore this necklace to avoid it getting broken in my bag.




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